Minecraft on Xbox 360 this winter!!

Sorry if this has been posted yet, I don't spend time on these forums any more because they killed this place.

Anyway, if you didn't know, Minecraft has been Revelead on xbox 360 on E3 2011.

It also going to include a play for xbox kinect.

Here is some source from Minecraft.net homepage:

Click me!!

It alos has new little videos that they made:

Minecraft Trailer Number 1

Minecraft trailer number 2

It will come out around somewhere in Winter 2011


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I'm a big Minecraft fan so I'll be picking this up for sure.  Was great news.

Yeah, I think everyone was watching E3. Cant wait. Just hope microsoft dont make it a full retail game, because you know what they are like. 1200 msp arcade game is all it needs to be. Hopefully with cross platform aswell for PC and xbox 360.

That is exacly what I was talking to my friend today. That I hope they will release it on Xbox live arcade because it will cost like around 1200msps but I would say the fair price would be 1600MSP's.

But if it was to be relased on disk then it would cost 40 pounds making it cost more then an normal minecraft on PC.

i hope they do go for a full retail release with this for no other reason that it will have full achievements.

Achievements are a silly reason to pay an extra 20 quid for a game.

I just hope that mods are cross-compatible with PC and xbox, like Unreal Tournament on PS3 and PC.

I just hope you can play it without kinect. Notrch said he is not allowed to say anything about it via his twitter

Im pretty sure they said "Kinect compatible". So probably kinect and conrtoller

I hope it includes controller as well.I don't have kinect but even if I did I cant imagine myself running away from a creeper in m bedroom

I think it will not be kinect play. but considering that microsoft has nothing to get people attention with their new kinect games, it will probably be. I hope not, because I don't want to have kinect, not because I am lazy, but i don't have space in  my room.

and why would people want to have this on the disk just to get like 50 acheviememnts? you basiccly pay for acheviements if you think about it.

Melon they said at the E3 conference its for Kinect

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