minecraft for xbox one

when is minecraft for the xbox one coming out


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Don't know...No word from Microsoft yet.

hey it can get cancelled for all i care..alot better version of the game came out on the PC called "7 days to die" in which you craft..build..and then DEFEND from crazed zombies (which are insanely fast) at night.  This game puts minecraft to shame,better graphics, better faster enemies, and actual guns/weapons/bullets to use on them.  Im in the middle of building a reinforced concrete fort with iron walls on the outside to keep them out.  Check it out, you'll forget all about minecraft :) (if you have a pc that is)

And us poor Xbox One folk will have to make do with the Xbox One version I suppose. I'm not fussed to be honest, It's never appealed to me in the slightest.

I love Minecraft. I mainly just play it on peaceful so no enemies. It's just so great for chilling out to. I especially love the soundtrack. Can't wait for it on the Xbox One.

There is something that happens on this forum and it occurs all over the Internet.  People actually think other people care about their opinion(s).  lol.   It's fascinating.

OP, no one knows for sure yet.  It was supposed to be within the launch window, which ends March 31st.  If it were to come out by the end of the month, you'd think we would have heard something by now.  Starting to make me a little nervous as I'm very excited to play it on the One.

Are you kidding!? I'm a huge MC fan! I would be crushed if it doesn't come to the Xbox One! :(

lol u guys need to check out 7 days to die for sure...you'll be done with minecraft after only a week...were talking better graphics, better enemies, better tools (yes power tools for ground breaking/mining/cutting trees).  Did I mention its only $15.00 and better in every way? Lol minecraft is for 7 year olds...7 days to die is for mature adults that like the concept of mining/building.

Loved Minecraft on the 360. I am looking forward to a better experience on the one. It is meant to be out sometime this month but nothing has been announced yet so who knows.


The whole point of forum is to post your opinion, the mistake some people make is thinking it will make a difference, or that your opinion is better than someone elses.

That doesn't take away from discussions are a good thing, but you also have to listen to be able to learn something new.

Its no different from talking in the pub.

U Go,

It may be good, but it'll likely never have the following that MC has...

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