Mincraft doesn't sync my save data?

I load up a world that was saved on the cloud only but when i load it up, it get's a sync error when it gets to 97%. What shall i do, i don't wanna create a new world and start over if i have to then i want a refund. So what do i do? i tried restarting, oning and offing the xbox, offline mode is useless because it's saved on the cloud only which my Xbox is almost doing for every game for some reason. I tried reinstalling the game as well.


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Same Problem

Have you tried resetting the Xbox ?

Yes i have, reseting to factory default doesn't seem to fix the issue.

I get the following "We were unable to sync your data with the cloud just now".

To get a 360 worlds on xbox one you need to go on your xbox 360 and upload your maps to the cloud and then you can download them again of the cloud onto your xbox

Iv got a good question most of us that had minecraft on the 360 had to pay to download it again on the xbox one wich was fair enuf but now their bringing out backwards compatability so if you have minecraft on the 360 you will be able to play it for free now so loads of people payed for it twice for no reason and I'm assuming we won't be getting our money back

Ur not the only m8..... me & others too... no sollution as ov yet :(