Might be jumping ship.

I have both the PS4 and Xbox One pre-ordered from months ago. I thought things would turn around by then but they haven't. Anyway, the SONY Store is going to charge me this week for the PS4 release on Friday. If I keep the PS4 pre-order, I won't have enough for the Xbox One the week after. The PS4 is pre-ordered through the SONY Store, and the Xbox One through the MS Store.

Another problem is that I also need to get a 24" monitor/HDTV since I've had to downsize and only have a standard TV which you can't use for either of the new systems (but my Wii U is fine). There's no room where I'm at for my 46" HDTV that's in storage (I lost my apartment back in August). So I'm going to get a Samsung 24" LED HDTV/Monitor combo for $150-$175.  I also did not receive the free Killer Instinct email. I've been a subscriber since the Xbox 1 Beta Test (NFL Fever/Whacked) but my account was silver for awhile since my Xbox 360 broke and I didn't have the money to get it fixed and sold it. Yes, I've had some issues over the past few years. But even though I'm downsizing and trying to get my life back together gaming is still my #1 hobby no matter what my situation.

If both systems were the same price I'd get Xbox One, but the $100 difference (and coming out a week later) does influence my decision. If I land this job I'm up for this will all be a moot point and even if I get the PS4 first I'll get the Xbox One later, at least in time for Titanfall.

So what do you think? Xbox One or PS4? Anyone else considering jumping ship? Or just sticking with Xbox 360 for awhile?


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Just make up your mind based on the games, and that's all anyone can really say. I personally don't find the PS launch to be terribly compelling, so I'm getting the One first, and the PS4 will follow probably in May of next year.

i think the addition of the kinect is was sold me. especially since itll have the feature of being incorporated into games. for example, if it dark in the room there will be more zombies out and about. or if you make noises itll alert enemies where you are. just thinking about that alone is pretty darn awesome.

Pick the system that has the features and games you want. For me that's Xbox.

I want it all. That's always been my problem. :)

well given your situation on losing your apartment. id hold of on games and get your life on track cancel the pre-orders and use the money on things you actually need. but thats my suggestion

I noticed you sliped it in about not getting the free KI email, that's a poor reason not to buy a console you know. Reading what you wrote, it seems obvious to me you already made your mind up and you don't want the X1. Just go with the games you want to play.

I didn't get a KI email.. I don't care.. Like it was a $20 value.. I just got $20 free from Microsoft for buying a year of live last week through the BestBuy promotion. We may want them to see us all equal but do you think there are like 100 people that have high gamerscore and Xbox Live Tenture? No, there are thousands. Can't give it to everyone.

omg drop it its done and over with

I'm with Proneto above. Its all a question of priorities I think. Take some time to get everything squared away, and to make sure the cash is there for the essentials first. I would personally cancel both pre's, wait for the second batch to hit the shelves (sometime in the New Year) at which point you will of had time to view the reliability, let them roll some patches out and most of all, get real feedback from first hand owners?

That's what I would do (especially if i only had cash for one) and I know many who are doing the same thing. I don't think its going to suddenly be deserted on the 360 anyway.. I will still be there at least! ;-) As for the free stuff, ignore it. I didn't get anything either yet owned MS consoles for many years more than some who did. At the end of the day, their company, their money etc.. Don't let stuff like that dwell on the mind. It is as pointless as feeling down that your lotto numbers haven't come up. Enjoy whatever you decide on!

Just look at what both offer and what you can do without until next year. Sounds like you're leaning towards ps4 so just go with that.

Also complaining about not getting something for free is hardly a valid reason.

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