Microsofts "Season Pass" Deals...

I'm wondering if there's some sort of catch to Microsofts "Season Pass" Deals... They almost seem to good to be true. Also, it's called "Season Pass" which makes me think the content will eventually expire.... I've been searching online, but so far no one seems to of asked this question.

I just bought into the Gears 3 Season Pass. But if all that content is gonna go offline at some point do to it being "Seasonal" let me know so I just buy stuff off the dash as DLC instead of these Season Passes...


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It won't expire.

All content will eventually expire. DVDs degrade. DLC disappears when the system hosting it shuts down.

There's no "artificial" expriation date on a Season Pass. It just gets you access to all the DLC coming in the next year at a 33% discount on the launch price of each DLC package.

It's just a weird way of saying your pre-ordering dlc at 33% off.