Microsoft's Error - I get screwed in the end.

On November 10th, I received an email stating:

"We noticed that the credit card you have used for your order has expired, and we want to make sure you still get your Xbox One on the November 22nd release date. 

To update your credit card's expiry date, please call us on 877 696 7786 and tell the agent that you need to update the credit card information on your Xbox One order."

My Credit Card was not expired, but I didn't want my preorder from August to be in jeopardy and risk not receiving my Xbox One Day One on the 22nd of November, so I called the number provided. After waiting for 30 minutes on hold (That's a long time to be on hold on a phone!) I finally got through to someone. I explained the situation and that my card was in fact not expired at all. The CSR helping me continued to tell me that I needed to replace my order to fix the issue. I reluctantly decided to do that against my own judgement. My preorder from August 15th was cancelled and a new order was placed. The new order only contains on item, "Replacement Xone Order (Pre-Ordered)" and not the product "Xbox One Day One (Pre-Ordered)" like on my other order. She continued to tell me all my games were on the order, etc, etc, etc, but this was not the case.

I ended the call and called back the next day and explained my situation again. This time: I had received an email earlier in the day from Microsoft stating that the expired Credit Card email was in fact sent in error. Great, wish I knew that before! I started to explain my situation and while I was explaining, the CSR started laughing! I called them out on it and the denied it but I knew earlier in the conversation that they were talking to someone else since I heard them doing it. This made me more aggrivated. The CSR told me everything would be fixed and that they were going to escalate my issue to a manager who would fix the order up... I waited a day like told, but this promise never came true.

I called back for the 3rd time today, and a separate order was placed for my games I had ordered on the now cancelled order. It turns out, Call of Duty is completely sold out and because my order was cancelled, I lost my place in line. GREAT. The CSR helped me best he could but eventually I was too annoyed and opted for the one game rather then 3 I had initially ordered. I ended the call not too happy and now with two separate orders and still the order is not the way it was because of one CSR's decision.

I am far from pleased. Every time I call, I am talking to a CSR from the Philippines which presents more problems as they can only say certain things and its hard for them to understand a 'unique' situation apparently. Their support skills are atrocious. I am completely appalled that Microsoft will not help fix my order because of their error and every time I called, I usually got a "I will escalate this to a manager" but I've already done that and NOTHING happened. I am very angry that my order was cancelled and that was not the correct solution to the accidental email that was sent out. No one will take responsibility and now I am screwed out of items on my preorder that I was going to receive. I've owned an Xbox since a year after they were first released and this is how I am repaid with the new launch. Outsourcing is not okay with me and in the end, makes for worse customer support for the consumer.

An extremely unhappy customer. 


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When it comes to the support on, I've never had a problem. However, I've also never had business with the Xbox Store before either, so I can't really comment on their quality of support.

I got the same email, that my authorization had failed. I was surprised since I had pre-ordered a Surface with the same card in September & everything was fine, but Chase emailed me a 'fraud alert' so something was amiss.

I didn't call the number in the email, I called the number from the Microsoft Store home page. I explained what happened, the guy sent me an 'authentication code' in an email for me to read back. Once that happened, he got into my account, canceled my original order, took a different card, changed my shipping address and assured me I'd get the Day One edition & not lose my place in line - I'll still receive it next Friday. I got an email with the order confirmation a minute later (he waited on the phone) which has a release date of 11/22. I can see it if I log into my account as well.

I'd be a bit nervous calling a number straight from an email, it'd be a pretty convincing phishing technique. Took about 15 minutes and was pretty painless.

I don't know how you lost your place in line......I have changed my CC 2X over the last couple months and both times they cancelled the order (which like you made me very nervous about my Day 1 edition), but they assured me I do not lose my Day 1 Edition and I will get mine on Nov 22.


The first time I had to change it was about 2 months back.....they had to "escalate it" and I got a call back in 4 days.  But the second time I did, just a week ago, the person did it right on the escalating or call backs needed.  10 minutes.  Piece of cake


They also tried to get me to cancel my order and place a new one, at the same time I was trying to say my card was still in date.

I kept thinking that they would cancel the order and phoned back to make sure this wasn't the case and it was still a valid order which it still is.

I guess you got unlucky here!

Keep calling. Just like Amazon, MS has call centers in US and outside US. Eventually you will get someone from America.

Good luck getting this resolved. is horrible. I returned a $49.90 order a few months ago then had to call them 4-5 times plus send a few emails to finally get a full refund. For some reason the idiots kept refunding partial amounts like $9.99 and $14.99 spread out over 4 refunds. 6 weeks after the first refund they were still $15 short so I finally told them I was filing a dispute with my credit card company and a complaint with the BBB if my money wasn't back within a week, and the rest of my refund was finally processed exactly one week later.

I have to agree with the OP. Microsoft has been VERY unhelpful to me with X1. I have my Pre-order for DR3 and the Day One Console. I had placed a second order for COD: Ghosts, forza 5 and a spare controller. I wanted to change COD: Ghosts to Assassins Creed 4 but they said to do that I had to cancel the whole order and re-place the order. I tried to replace my new order 4 times over the course of 4 days (online, over the phone, with Microsoft chat support) and all 4 times they told me they could not charge my card. So I finally gave up and went immediately to Amazon and placed the order with the SAME CARD and it was approved. I don't know what is going on with their support but they always try to pin it on the customer rather than taking responsibility. Sorry to hear about your situation. Always rough dealing with customer service.

People really are having some miserable luck as we approach the finish line.

[quote user="LostKauz"]

I just finished with pretty much the same problem. Do not by all means do not call MS Store Support. They are the absolute worst. Guy in Billing almost messed everything up and then transferred me to XBL Support when I told him specifically 5 times do not transfer me to there.

To anyone who has any similar issues, it is from Microsoft Store (regardless if it was purchased from the Dashboard) and is not an XBL Support issue. It must be made by phone and the best number I made it to with a very, very, very helpful Support Agent was 866-883-3754. This is the phone number from my Email in regards to the Xbox One purchase and Updating Information. It works.

Do not by any means call Xbox LIVE Support (they will try their hardest but don't have the correct Tool Sets) at 1 800 4MY XBOX.
They will try their hardest but can't resolve it from their end.

And under no circumstance, I repeat do not call Microsoft Store Support at 1 800 642 7676. They are the absolute worst and have no idea of any comprehension. Out of the years I have been with XBL, MS Store Support is atrocious. I have never had as bad as an experience as I did today with this number.

[/quote] O........M.............G , Lost has gone mad and ..... and .... I can't even say it ...... He said something AGAINST .... Microsoft.

I called them and had them change my delivery address. it was painless. :)


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