Microsoft wont reward early adopters following kinectless console


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I don't expect them to.

Me neither, us early adopters knew what we were getting for our money, i for one have no complaints and have been impressed with the way things are contnually improving

Yup me to, I am worried some of the changes will upset what they have build, but also looking forward to the future, bring on E3 already.

Like above, I knew what I was getting for my money. I was hoping that they wouldn't have made Kinect optional but always knew there was a chance of it happening so if it would have concerned me that much I wouldn't have handed over my money in the first place.

I've had a lot of enjoyment of the XB1 since it launched so I can't see how I'm entitled to be compensated for it.


I knew what I was doing when I bought a launch day Xbox One, I dont want or expect any compensation from Microsoft.

Rubbish marketing by Microsoft.  Best say nothing then say no.

I think we thought we knew what we were getting for our money, this console and kinect as an integral part of the experience to justify the premium cost. Now that's not the case, its dead black box of unnecessary expense.

It's handy they recently dug up the extra copies of ET - is gonna be a helluva lot of space required for all the kinect units.

I appreciate the need for change, its obviously going very very wrong for MS at the moment, through management changes its not unexpected to see drastic changes. How in the world a product/sku that we will have soon ever came about is utterly mind blowing.

The expense of the console microsoft must of invested is really quite majestic in its failure, i think not since the original xbox has there been so many missteps and drawbacks. It's certainly closer to a Wii U than it ought to be.

All of which is said as a fan of the console in general, but damn. I just hope they stick it out of the sake of competition and the next generation.

I say this prior to E3 where undoubtedly they'll show a slew of gaming pantheons and i'll be all - Just when I thought I was out...they pull me back in

If I didn't have an XBO and went to buy one next month, i'd still buy it with Kinect. Not because I think it's amazing but because I don't want to miss out on any functionality.

There's a quite a few of you on here that I talk to online, have a few games with, put the worlds to rights, for the privilege of talking to Old Lofty, worth every penny I say ;-p

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