Microsoft should hire Segata Sanshiro to launch the Xbox One in Japan

In the Decade of 90 advertisements about advertising games were infinitely better than the current advertisements. However, a publicity campaign surpassed all others. It was the publicity campaign with the character Segata Shansiro.
Segata was a hermit, who dedicated his life to a harsh training in the art of video games. Carrying a giant Sega Saturn on his back, throwing punches in a control and breaking bricks with halters, the greatest legend in the console war. Every once in a while, the master went down from his mountain gamistica to the city, to teach the true path of the Sega Saturn to the young punks who just wanted to know flirting go pras ballads ...The lowly mortals who weren't playing, took a nice shot of judo, and consequently, listened the lecture: "SEGA SATURN SHIRO!"-which means "Play Sega Saturn".
The TV commercial of Segata Sanshiro were the biggest success in Japan, so much so that Japan was one of the few places in the world where the Saturn sold well.
The ultimate epic made was when trapasseira and Segata evil SONY launched a missile at SEGA headquarters, and then the hero throws himself from the top of the building to stop the missile and throws him literally into outer space, sacrificing himself to save the company.
Imagine an advertising campaign on TV, the internet and other media from Japan where Sanshiro resurfaces as a Phoenix due to the power of the Xbox One and from this moment on, then Sanshiro lives a journey throughout Japan to convert heretics who do not know the power of the Xbox One.
Sanshiro in the West could be considered just an unfunny clown of the Decade of 90, but in Japan Sanshiro is a legend respected until today and the one console that has the support of Sanshiro will have the support of many Japanese.

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No-they need to make a Sega console.I have one already pre-ordered for the day they announce it.

Microsoft needs a good advertisement for the Xbox in Japan and Sanshiro is the guy who can provide it to Microsoft.