Microsoft should continue to make new IPs

Now since Phil Spencer is in control of Xbox, perhaps he could make the Xbox One even better by continuously making new IPs. Sunset Overdrive, Ryse, and Ori are good starters for a new IP. Quantum Break, Scalebound, ReCore, and Sea of Thieves are also new IPs from Microsoft.

But now here's where this idea should be taken to a whole new level. If you wanna show Sony what you're capable of, I suggest these new IPs.

- A new IP that can compete against Uncharted

- A new IP that can compete against The Last Guardian

- A new IP that can compete against Until Dawn and Resident Evil

- A new first person shooter IP

- A new RPG IP

- Revive MechAssault from the dead

If Microsoft does all of these things & keep them EXCLUSIVE to the Xbox One (no PC version please), then they could win back some former Xbox fans but still probably won't outsell the PS4 (especially outside North America & UK). Phil Spencer, you're doing a great job, keep up the good work!


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I think the first mistake would be to produce a game specially to compete against something else as it would always be compared to it. Fresh and innovative ideas that provoke the imagination will be much better received in my opinion.

Take Sunset Overdrive, I guess you could say it has influences from a lot of places, but it was a really fresh experience and though not for everyone, was generally loved by gamers all round. I would love more games that take the approach of trying to deliver something totally different.

1000% agree with Digital.

Developers deliver something totally different!

Yep just let Devs use there imagination and come up with fresh ip. Make something others want to copy.

No reason to compete. With the hardware & software that the box has.. as well as the use of the cloud and the merger of PC gaming, I think it might be in MS's best interest to focus on in house games and make original games.  Which is what they are doing anyway it seems.

To be fair I'd settle for games being released as complete products.

I'm very much with Digital on this one. Not every game has to compete with others. Whether it be platform to platform or franchise to franchise (i.e. CoD vs BF). I'd rather see things never done before.

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With all games (new IP's,sequels),that i played,play & will play.It's not a question or request that cross my mind....

If it happens,i might ask myself why i'm still playing on this platform instead of another one....

My fingers are busy and happy so far...