microsoft rip of

i paid £40 for xbox elite witch gave me the lc map packs an such. i phoned microsoft to remove credit cards of the system so i could get the pre pay cards whitch they did along with my elite account map packs an all im totally discusted as they refuse to give me them back wat to do????????


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Sorry, I'm not sure, what Map Packs you are referring to..?? Can you be a bit more specific please...

I'm a little confused by your problem.  Are you saying you have lost your map packs that you downloaded? 

He is referring to the DLC from Call of Duty ELITE. I am still confused though because I don't think the removal of a CC would affect the DLC.

Did you change your Gamertag to KoBK FROSTIE, when you used the Prepaid XBL Gold Subscription card or is it the same Gamertag as before..??


First, the Elite subscription has nothing to do with Microsoft.


It seems you haven't played MW3 for a few weeks, OP. The last title update changed some STORE features and stopped the game from recognising the DLC. All you need to do is fire up the game, go into Multiplayer, select the STORE and re-download all the Elite downloads. The older packs will only take a few seconds, as they're still on your HDD and then it'll download the latest stuff.


You haven't actually lost any DLC. The changed STORE just stopped the game from recognising it.


My wife and I had the same problem, with "disappearing DLC", after the last title update and this fixed it.


Hope it helps.

OP exactly what I had to do also , pretty much what ENDZ said ..........