Microsoft pulls offline USB updating instructions for Xbox One


"Microsoft pulled its support page that instructed users how to update their Xbox One systems offline using a USB drive. We've included an image of the cached support page above, which is no longer available to view.

The Xbox Support page instructed Xbox One owners with a two gigabyte USB stick to download one of two compressed update files to their computers, then unzip them to the root of the USB drive. The process then had owners holding the bind and eject buttons while turning their consoles on, releasing the two buttons once they hear two start-up tones. According to the now-unavailable support page, that last step told the Xbox One to search for an update from a USB drive, a procedure that isn't part of the system's initial booting process.

We've contacted Microsoft for comment."


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Why would they do that?  I'm glad that I already downloaded the images.  The only question that I have on the process, what is the bind button?  I'm assuming it's the pairing button on the side.  But none of the buttons on the diagrams that MS posted on the support site are labeled as bind.  Any one have the answer to that?

I was wondering what that button is too. I too downloaded them already.

Maybe something not right with the file and they pulled it?

Yeah, I'm guessing either that, or they've realized the launch is going fine so far with people downloading the update, so they don't think it's worth the risk of the emergency update bricking the consoles.

You only need the 502mb file to update, the other one is the actual Full OS (minus the day one update) they pulled it because they thought people would have problems. The binding button is on the front left beside the optical drive slot ;)

Didn't take long to update and it is friggin awesome. And best of all I have not heard of any complaints, issues or failures. Hopefully it stays that way :-) happy gaming peeps