MIcrosoft points conversion rate to local currency dosent add up!?

hi, don't know where else to post this topic so ill just stick it here. (by the way, its a bit long winded, but bare with me please :)".)

ok, I live in Ireland. we use euro's over here. and ive just been trying to figure out how the whole Microsoft points to local currency change has affected buying items from the marketplace, and I noticed something a bit off.

so, I went onto  xbox and was about to stick on bf3, but decided, because I have 100 MS points left, i'd try buy a new t-shirt for my avatar. so when I clicked on the item. I got this screen telling me my points are now in euro, and xbox was giving me €1.44 (exchange rate I guess?? don't know for sure.)

€0.96 for the man on fire T. sounds reasonable. I was about to buy it, but my brother jumped in a party with me cos' he just downloaded Toy Soldiers (Arcade), and he said it was savage, you have to get it, blah blah blah, so instead of going to the marketplace to look for the game I used the laptop instead just to be quicker, and went to, searched toy soldiers, and it says its available for £4.99 Sterling. So I did a quick currency conversion on the internet, and for £4.99 sterling you get €5.89 euro.

I then clicked on toy soldiers to buy it,(download to xbox), just to see if the rate was in any way similar, and then when the screen popped up to confirm the purchase,

I s#%t you not, buy for €7.19, including VAT.

Now, I don't know about anyone else, but does this seem a bit over priced for anyone using the euro, compared to someone in the uk using sterling!! ok, €1.30 dosen't seem a lot on the grand scale of things, but that's only an arcade game, what about something like bf3 premium??

well here's the rate for that:

used to be 4000 MS points. (you can still buy 4200 MS points in Argos, here in Ireland for €46.99).

£33.99 sterling. conversion: €40.14. xbox marketplace price in euro: €47.99 including VAT. €7.85 in the difference from the conversion rate of euro to sterling.

I mean, come on, were being ripped apart here if those are the differences im seeing on just a couple of items I looked at and converted to "LOCAL CURRENCY".

id love to hear any one elses opinions on this.

by the way, sorry if something like this has already been posted in this forum or elsewhere. I didn't really think about searching through the forums before I started typing (raging) :) thanks


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Taxes, man.  You pay taxes when you buy points, but not when you spend them.  Now with the new system, you pay taxes when you spend money on the item itself.  The taxes have to come out somewhere.  It's always at the point of monetary exchange.  Microsoft doesn't control taxes, sadly.  It's all local merchant rules.  I wish taxes were calculated in the catalogue prices so I could know at a glance how much it was going to add up to be, instead of getting to the point of purchase and only then finding out how much I'll need.  Like when I try to buy a bottle of soda at the store with exact change, and I always forget to add the $0.05 deposit to the price.

Thats why in the areas where we pay VAT the conversion of your points is actually higher than the marketplace value.