Microsoft hidden GPU ousts PS4 specs

But it looks like we all could have been fooled, myself included. It appears Microsoft is using a multi-module, stacked design in the Xbox One. Underneath that modified Radeon HD 6670 GPU, lies a 175 mm^2 space for something. That something is presumed to be a Volcanic Islands based AMD with a 22nm SOI design featuring 2304 to 2560 stream processors.

So why didn’t Microsoft come straight out with this increased spec, and instead make the Xbox One appear inferior to the PS4? First is the most obvious, it prevents Sony upgrading their console last minute; so in the long-run they are stuck with a potentially less-capable device.

But it's the second reason which is brilliantly clever. The Volcanic Islands GPU wasn’t officially announced until the last week of September in Hawaii; which means Microsoft couldn’t list it as a specification. As for why they don't reveal now? It's possible a NDA is in place that could prevent talking about the GPU until after retail release.

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Streaming technology and the M$ "Cloud" systems are growing by leaps and bounds. Hopefully its great and dont need to much "messing with" to get it right.

but it will

Yeah, probably so. 300,000 servers coming out for the One also. I "think" itll be great from the start, but no doubt, with tweeking, that Cloud stuff is going to be amazing in the near future.