Microsoft Has Lost My Xbox One

So, I'm looking to see if anyone out there has experienced this same issue......

A month ago, I noticed my Xbox One wasn't playing any of my Blu-Ray DVDs. However, it was able to play games just fine. So I created a service request on 07/26 and shipped it to MSFT CORP in McAllen, TX (I live in Katy, TX). I received confirmation on 07/31 that my Xbox was received. 1 week went by and I finally received an Email stating that my service request had been completed and that the system was being prepared to ship (08/07/15). Also, my tracking number was "Manual_Shipment" (yeah....that's helpful) and that there is a 3-7 day processing period. I contacted Microsoft and requested a tracking number and was told that they could not provide one, but to be rest assured that my Xbox would arrive soon. 10 days go by and I'm wondering where my xbox is. I once again contacted customer support and was told that they are unable to find ANY information on when my Xbox was shipped from McAllen, TX to me (in Katy, TX), nor could they find record of what address it was sent to or what tracking number is was sent with. I am currently waiting to be contacted by the Escalation Department for more information. At this point, I feel like my Xbox is gone. There is no way it would take more than 10 days to be shipped across Texas, unless "Manual_Shipment" means they just tied it to a carrier pigeon's leg and hoped for the best.

Has anyone else dealt with this issue before? I really need help here.

Thank you


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So Microsoft haven't lost your XBox ONE.

But it's still a poor experience and you're really the only person I've heard of have this specific problem though when the ONE launched there were a couple of guys complaining that the carrier had made errors.

It's frustrating to have to wait in a digital age when we're so used to getting things immediately.

Just make a note of the information and timescales given and follow it up religiously.

Eventually you'll get your ONE back or it will get escalated high enough for it to be dealt with.

Hope you're not waiting too long.

Maybe you're right, they may not have lost it. However, no one is able to tell me where it is, who it was shipped with, where it was shipped to, etc. There is no note of any of that information, while I was told there should be. My understanding is that it has been 11 days since my Xbox was shipped back to me. At this point, I feel that it should have either arrived or there should be information about its shipment somewhere. I have no problem with waiting. If waiting was an issue, I would have never sent my Xbox in to be serviced. I knew I'd have to wait. But I have a hard time accepting that they can't tell me where it is, nor promise me that I will receive it. I just really hope they find it or find record of where it was sent to.

Thank you for your reply.

Man that is terrible.  MS needs to do better than this and require more from whoever they have service the repairs.  I can say that on anything I have returned or exchanged in the last 5 years, at least, has had tracking.  If MS was the responsible party for shipping and cannot track it or tell what is going on they basically lost it.  I mean, how hard would it be to get this thing back and call them and tell them you never received it (not recommended since this is very dishonest).  And since they have no tracking information they could not prove otherwise (unless there was a lie about the tracking information being known).  Considering everyone is not going to be honest I could see that being an issue.  Unless they are going to basically assume that it made it and then if it gets lost just assume no responsibility.

I had to have a 360 repaired under warranty for a drive failure a long time back.  And it did arrive fairly quickly.  But I do remember there being no tracking.

Ah, this actually is a little common, not long ago someone was posting about this very issue, he literally called over and over until he got someone who knew what they were talking about as previously he was just getting passed around.

He even dropped the support agents name in the thread for others, but I just can't remember what the title of the thread was, sorry. I suggest to just keep on them.


I have received an email from Microsoft confirming that they have indeed lost my Xbox, and will be send me a refurbished one. It is now 09/04; almost 6 weeks since I created my service request. This is an utter pathetic display of customer service. I have about had it with Microsoft. if I didn't already have money invested in Xbox, I'd say screw it and go buy a PlayStation. I'm so incredibly angered by how long this has taken and how no one has offered compensation for the time I've spent waiting. all I will get out of this is a refurbished Xbox and 6 weeks of Xbox live wasted.

    I know this is frustrating, but there generally isn't anything wrong with a "refurb". Technically speaking after they fixed yours, it is now a "refurb" as well.


Did they actually lose it in the factory, or did it get lost in the mail? If the latter, it isn't their fault.


Why don't you call them up and ask if they will extend you Live. They have done that for me in the past. Just remember be polite and calm when doing this or they probably won't be inclined to do so.

I agree with the refurbished part. I was just hoping to have mine back because I kept it's exterior in pristine condition. I don't want one that's dinged up and scratched (not saying that will happen but it has in the past with other consoles).

It was either lost at the service department or in transit back to me. However, there is no record of its shipment, where it was shipped to, when it was shipped, nor any tracking information. Which I have been told by customer service reps is very unusual. Either way, I hold them completely responsible.

I have requested an extension on my live subscription and been told that I will receive one once I receive an Xbox. Which I am still waiting for.

I guess I just expected a lot more out of a company that has been doing this for 14 years and is worth 70 Billion dollars.  

I completely agree, nicely said.

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Sounds like the carrier lost it. It's on them or Microsoft though. They should replace it.

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