Microsoft Considering Making Digital Games Cheaper


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Lol..... Bet they knock £2 off.

It's been my experience when someone tells you they're going to do something "soon" but doesn't give a date it's often a little fuzzy as to whether they mean "soon" as in it will soon be next month or "soon" as in one day soon our sun shall grow cold and no longer be able to heat the Earth.

@ MGF ... That much? lol ... Seriously though, I wonder if we could be surprised and they knock more off than we expect? I mean Microsoft really want as many as possible to go digital and the only way it could work is if they go a fair bit lower than we pay for physical copies.

@ Az ... Hopefully before our sun starts to expand lol

I'd buy digitally if they were priced better in a shot. Was tempted to get Creed digitally, but the 55 quid price put me off. Especially as I got a limited edition one for that price in game.

Obviously their is pros / cons when buying digitally so it would make a whole lot of sense for the digital version to be quite a bit cheaper than buying a disc. Microsoft and sense in the same sentence though ???

Digital versions should £30 there or thereabouts.

With online passes disappearing there's the prices in pre-owned market to consider too, also the fact that as time passes the cost of games in-store drops....

MS would have to start at a lower price than retail and then drop prices of games on an individual basis as time went on or at least have regular substantial sales.


Along side lower prices I'd like to see something like PSNs "full game trials". Maybe let people download a game and play the first hour for free (with cheevs and maybe saving disabled).


Pre-loading (pre-ordering) of digital titles is also something that needs to happen.


MS need to do quite a bit of stuff to make digital purchasing more appealing and worth while.


(oh yeah, and sorting USB storage so games can be installed to there as well)

If they did lower the price i could see a price war starting.

And it could kill off are remaining game shops in towns centers round the contry.

Thats one of the reasons with i still goto the shop to buy my games and not just buy online

But hay if the price is wright

I thought Microsoft already said that they want to maintain a decent relationship with retailers.  Undercutting their prices would be a good way to upset them.

I'm sure the retailers would survive.... They'd just have to be more competitive on pricing