Microsoft Commerce on Xbox One?

Quick question to anyone who might know. I recently bought the new "Xbox Cash Cards" from a local GameStop in order to purchase some digital games on the Xbox One's launch. Due to having sold my Xbox 360, I decided to input the codes on in the "Redeem Code" section. However, it would not accept the cards and said to input on my Xbox 360. Instead, I peeked around my card and read that I was "supposed to" redeem at and have it tied to my account. I successfully redeemed all cards, but then I got to thinking, what if this doesn't add to my Xbox One? It might seem like a dumb thing to worry about, but I was curious if anyone could possibly relieve me of my worry. If I added these funds to my account via, will they be active on my gamertag on launch day?

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Microsoft has made no mention of 360 and Xbox One Marketplace funds being distinctly separate. Far as we're all aware at this time, it's all one big pool of funds to be used by any one of Live's services - Xbox Music, Xbox Video, Windows Phone app store, the 360 Marketplace, or the Xbox One.

Thanks. I believe the card mentioned that as well. Guess I'll have my answer come Nov 22nd. I'll either be gaming, or sighing my way through customer service.