Microsoft Charged My Credit Card But I Haven't Received Shipping Info Yet?

Has this happened to anyone else? Should I be worried? I ordered through Microsoft Store.


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Same here, and nope. If they charged you're being processed. With the sheer amount of orders being processed a delay in emails really isn't unheard of. They've also been having email issues anyway (expired credit warnings sent in error as an example).

Huh I ordered in july and they emailed me this morning with tracking number

That's good, I'm glad this isn't an isolated incident like I was afraid of! Only 4 more days!

I have the charge pending on my card but they will most likely wait till Monday to you an email when they actually ship it out to your destributor

The charge has been completed but I still haven't got an email about it being shipped out yet.

Oh charge is being processed!!

They charged my account with a "hold" or "pending" charge. So I have ~$600 less "available" money than I did yesterday, but it hasn't been officially "charged" yet. The transaction doesn't show up yet.

I'm expecting the real charge to go through, and a tracking number show up in my email, sometime tomorrow.