Microsoft Account Confusion? Please Help.

So, I just bought a new Microsoft Surface. Upon signing into my account, Microsoft created this "GunshyPrawn95" gamertag, even though I have a fully functioning gamertag, "DominatorDom22", that I have been using and that (at least I thought) was linked to my email address associated with my Microsoft account. I am simply trying to change around my accounts to get my original gamertag connected to my Microsoft Account.

After much research, I figured out what happened, 

A while back - 2 or so years ago, I asked a Microsoft employee, on a call to try and change my automatic renewal status on my Xbox live membership, to change my password associated with my account to my e-mail that I wanted to use as my Microsoft account (or Live! account, as it was known back then).

Instead of just changing it, they made my new e-mail address the parental account for my old e-mail address (I don't know why or how - I am an adult. Was back then, still am now.) So, my "DominatorDom22" gamertag was linked to my old e-mail address, while my new e-mail address was the parental account now. I used my new e-mail to sign in, recover my gamertag, etc. 

Not a problem, except that when I tried to sign into my Surface with my gamertag info years later, it probably recognized that I did not have a gamertag exclusively listed at that account - and took the liberty of making this "GunshyPrawn95" nonsense by itself. 

Here is the real problem - I can't re-associate my old gamertag ("DominatorDom22") with my new e-mail address, because now the new e-mail is listed as already having a gamertag ("GunshyPrawn95"). AND, apparently I can't switch my GunshyPrawn95 gamertag to a different e-mail address, because it simply won't let me. I read something about not being able to change 30 days after creation? 

I don't want to give up on my new e-mail account, because I have a lot of stuff linked with my new microsoft account - just not my gamertag, and it's really annoying. Is there some way to delete this "GunshyPrawn", so that I can fix these parental settings? Or is there a way around this 30 days thing? I don't want to have to wait because of someone else making my new account some parental account for my old gamertag, and not just making the complete switch.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. 


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