Microsoft 2 pin power cable for the slim version???

Erm after ripping out my room to fit a new carpet i lost my power cable which goes from the mains to the PSU (power supply unit) and I bought a used second hand cable off ebay and its been delivered today....

The question is is that the power cable delivered was stated as genuine but the plugs branding is "I-Sheng" and not microsoft and was wondering if this is the cable which is supplied with the slim xbox 360?? it must be as earlier i found an exact same power cable with the same branding in my room but after looking at the pc's they also are using the "I-Sheng" power cable??

Can anyone confirm its the right cable to use, (appreciate if you could look at yours if you have a 360 slim), as i don't fancy blowing it up ;)



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I have used the one from my computer and it worked just fine.

The power cable won't matter at all if it fits and has the right fuse in because the power supply unit controls the output and you can't go above the mains input of 230-240 volts.  Don't jam the cable and check that it's an exact fit, if it is it will work in the same way that any power cord does...  that being it will allow electricity to travel through it and have a fuse that blows if the current is too great.

It's not going to be 'official' if it doesn't have any Microsoft or Xbox branding on it. Whether it'll work is an entirely different question. Some brands do and other don't, for various reasons.