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Have been watching this forum without commenting for nearly two weeks now and im completely baffled as how microsoft can do this to there loyal customers. I have a faulty xbox one myself which i placed a order for a advanced replacement on the 26th nov. The first thing what i found strange is that i didnt even receive a confirmation email! So i thought oh well ill wait so waited 7 days before i even got on MS back about it. Then the fun began ive been chasing them down for well over a week now to be told atleast 3 lies by each of the online support workers and managers ive spoke to and ive spoken to around 11 support workers and 3 manager over these past 8-9days. All of them are full of complete SH*T. Ive not received one scrap of information off anyone from microsoft over the past 2 weeks apart from what the pre loaded sentence retards tell you over the computer. Anyway i decided to be patient and give it a few more days. To then check myservice.xbox to see my order has been cancelled with yet again no email letting me know anything what has been happening. So i give them a call for them to tell me that my case has been handed over to a so called higher support team and its procedure for it to be cancelled :/. So its been 2 days since then and still fk all? The little respect i had left for MS has been crushed. Im a broken man hahaha they have completely took a sh*t on me. Really dont know where to go from here


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