Mic test?

I've got my new headset going and one question comes up - is there anyway to test your mic so you can hear what you sound like to other people?


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I used skype to hear what I sound like. But I have heard others say this is not a fair comparison due to it not being in game.

Any other options for a mic test?  I have TBX12's with a home made adapter.  I have no problem getting game sound to my headset but the mic is not working.  Wish i could test mic without having to go into a lobby.  I soldered the wires together myself, I might just have to re-solder.  Also I have to turn off my avr to get sound from my headset.  I have them plugged into my tv's headphone jack.  Anyone know why I would have to turn off avr to get sound from headset?

open messaging, record a voice message, play, delete, rinse, repeat.

Its not even giving me the option for voice message.  Im guessing its not picking up my mic.  So my soldering job on homemade adapter has failed im thinking.