MGS Ground Zeros Free Mission DLC May 1st

Console specific missions to unlock for all consoles, free to DL May 1st!


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Somewhat related, I've been playing Revengeance and just noticed that Jetstream and Blade Wolf DLC is free also. Don't know when or why that happened.

Ground Zeroes is fun and all but even playing as Raiden on PS3 won't help how shortchanged the game left me.

Great post Genchy,

I know a lot xbox owners who are to busy to use the forums will of read this post and found it very informative. I work so miss a lot of deals and offers online or I simply do not have time to search for them.

So posts like this a really useful to the WORKERS.

^ carefully worded RANT post

Not that carefully... you'd have to be stupid not to see what he's inferring....

There's no mystery here.

If you have a busy life with work etc. then seeing posts like this that show you great deals all you have to do is click a link or wait for the free content than its extremely useful. Well it is to me anyway. Others do have more free time so perhaps they are less likely to see this post as useful and therefor are unlikely to thank the OP.

Some of you guys would do well to get out a bit more and relax, paranoia is not a good personality trait to have.  

Cheers Mr Balaclava Man ;-)

I really must crack on with this and get at least 1 play through done before May 1st.

Thanks for the Heads Up ZFair.

I'm off to grab that "Metal Gear: Revengeance" DLC right now.

Now have both of these.

Thanks again.

No problem Az.

Revengeance is a game I couldn't really understand at first but once you fight a few bosses and get to grips with parry (forward + x in the direction an attack comes from) the game is infectiously addictive, if a little shallow.

Ooh im good, I don't like going outside. I am not ready for them sort of graphics :)

Thanks for posting Genchy :)