Metro Redux Due on August 28th?


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Hopefully true, I loved these games.

Thanks mate.

Thanks dude. I said this before, I have not played one of these games so its a good chance for me to check out the franchise I guess. Doubt I will get it day one though.

Which do you guys reckon is the best metro game the first one or the second one? think i have the second one downloaded through ps+ yet to try though.

I completed the first Metro game, it was very good, not sure if it was good enough to play again though.

I much preferred the first game for the story, atmosphere, second game was ok but not a patch on the first in my opinion.

Couldn't get into the 1st one so didn't bother with the 2nd game.

Tempted to give it another go though.

^ The first one starts off a bit slow but it grabbed me once a few hours in, well worth another try I'd say mate.

Same with me badger, bought the first when it came out but didnt get into it, maybe wasnt in the mood for it at the time, ignored the second but got it on free dl now so might give it a bash