Message to Microsoft | avoid me | couldn't find players !!!

dear all,

since I bouget Gears of war Ultimate edition, my reputation was unbelievable!! people keep avoititng me and for a lot of people for no reason!! that's is not cool ever !!

now I cant find players because of my reputaction!!

i am rank 35 in the world in the game, and none of the supppets helped me!! 

When will Microsoft fix this problem!! I started hating Xbox because of this! 

im playing Xbox live since 2008 and I am an Ambassador at Xbox and is that betrayed me ?


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My reputation on Xbox 360 is good but since gow ue came out on Xbox one my reputation was unbelievable

Xbox one don't have an option called prefer me !!

Wow just looked at your rep, sorry to see that, there seems to a lot of that going on with GoW UE, hopefully they get it sorted.

Make your case over at on their forums with the 100s of other people so they'll know to reverse it once they get it fixed. ;)

I already did that and not only me, there are a lot of people have the same issue

I saw that too, I was just in that forum, it's been like that since the beta according to one thread.

Yes, the bad thing is why if I have bad rep I can't find players in all games !! What a bad way to develop Xbox one

If anybody wants to get out of red the only way seems to be to play with others who are in the red, which is realistically impossible--so it seems like almost a lifetime multiplayer online ban,.

If you add me at Mr Cobalt CRG, I'm trying to form a group of people to get on a game like Halo (not limited to Halo) and play together to improve reputation and be allowed to play again. Message me for details.

I have the same problem with my reputation it was brilliant was playing cod for a hour  with no mic come back a hour later cant join games as my reputation has dropped this is the second account now. ive spent thousands with Microsoft but now ive had enough and its time I made a move else where

@MR Proper Job...By watching your showcase video on Project Cars it would "appear" you like to grief by pulling out in front of cars. Maybe instances like that are what made your rep go down? ;-)

Peace, J.R.

Mr cobalt ,head over to the gears of war forum ,,very helpful sympathetic group over there..It falls on deaf ears here .

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