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So for most people this doesn't really affect them, but for people like myself who can only communicate with text messages, this really can *** you over. Theres a small cap on daily messages to non friends, and then a cap on messages to friends. Is there even a reason for that? Its annoying to be talking to a friend and suddenly be cut off from talking the rest of the night. If its to stop spammers thats what ignore is for. Does this bother anyone else?


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I dont communicate that much over XBL msg system. Yeah I might trade some msgs. now and again with a friend but have never reached a limit. If its a person on your f/l why not start a party or a private chat? If its someone your messaging on the forums then why not add them as a friend and start a party or a private chat?

Well like i said this is kind of a unique case with me and a few others, cause while I own a mic, I'm a mute, so talking doesn't work for me. So messages are my only way with communicating with friends and otherwise.