Message Issues Xbox LIVE Bug?

Hi, for 6 years i have not encountered many problems on Live, but recently im having a problem, if you have any questions ask away!

So im having trouble sending messages to recent players, i get the "Message Can Not Be Sent" error multiple times, my message will go through after a couple times pressing ok and retrying, ok so i research and it turns out you get this message when you hit the message limit and you have to wait 24hours before you can message again, so i wait 2 days exactly and try again and i get the same error everytime still, weird so i come on the forums and i check with the enforcement team to see if i was banned and i come back clean, no bans or suspensions, ok so i then delete my profile, clear the cache off my harddrive and restart the 360 console to see if thats the problem and try again, i redownload my profile from xbox live and then i try send a message as a test and still im getting this error, so my next step is to check my privacy settings to make sure they are alright even though i have been a member for 6 years and have never had an issue sending messages to recent players and i have never touched my privacy settings and when i check they all look normal and i should be able to send messages, so i have tried everything i can, i even checked my alternate account and i can send messages with no issues on them, its just affecting 1 account my main account, i cannot send messages to recent players without seeing this error several times, can anyone help or give me an idea of what to do next or try something that might figure this out please??

thanks for reading and i hope someone can help me and i hope my post wasnt to long thank


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Right, sadly enough no one else has has commented on this but me.. have you found a way to fix this bug yet; because i am still experiencing the same problem when I want to rage at my team or congratulate them for winning the match with a simple message of "GG"-[Good Game] on World of Tanks.

I do know that if you toggle to also send the message to a friend, friends and the person who isn't on your friends list that'll not send to that other person a part from your friends. - You can only send messages to people on your friends list so sending a friend request and then sending a message to that person you want to talk/message to will work, at least that's the way I have to do it ;)