Memory problems

i decided id play my xbox one after about 3 weeks of it sitting idle. as soon as it turned on i put in witcher 3 only to have a pop up appearing saying i need an additional 30 gbs of space to install it, evne though witcher 3 is suppose to be installed. i go into my games folder to see that DA inquisition is also having this problem. after further checking up on my available memory i realize that about 63 gbs of max storage space has disappeared from my system (max used to be 400 now its down to 337) and that DA and witcher 3 are both still installed but for some reason my console thinks they are not and is trying to resintall them a 2nd itme. i decided id just delete ESO (78 gbs worth of garbage) from my harddrive too clear up some space so i can just play the games but the 99.8% (40ish mb of avaliable space) only goes down to 92% (30.2 gbs of free space) and now i am not only unable to install/play witcher 3 or DA but i cant reinstall ESO due to the fact that i only have 30 gbs of free storage, which should be closer to 100 at this point. im wondering if anyone else has had this problems, becuase im not getting a direct answer from tech support


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Try resetting the Xbox by holding the power button on front of the Xbox until it turns off then unplug it for 5-10 mins

If that doesn't help I would delete both games and then reinstall them