meeting new ppl from xbox

him im eldon666 im a huge fan and im looking for new way to let out ideas and maybe help with other ideas iv been a huge fan since xbox orgianly came out and now im looking for ways to chat or discuse new ways or new ideas or maybe even a comunity way to chat or talk about game ideas to me it kinda sounds hard to do or impaosable because i'v been trying t for so long to get this out i was woundering how it would be posable for ppl like me that sit up most of the night thinking of new ways to help or make xbox better or new game ideas or the ppl that just wantto play games and help other ppl fast cuz im one of the probly hundreds of people that just want to help or be a part of making games i have books folders and more of just game ideas i know like a hundred diffrent ppl that want to just talk about makeing games or others like me that just want to talk to microsoft or any one from microsoft i pay xbox to let me play y is it so hard to talk to some one from there about new game ideas or things like this its been 2 years and i think this is the closest iv been to asking and geting an answer back if anyone knows how i or how to make somthing to help with this idea cuz microsoft to me is losing alot of money with not knowing everyone who loves there stuff please if theres any one that can get back to me with something that would be great


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