Media Player difficulty! Media Player doesn't recognise external hard drive, can anyone help?

I believe I have came into a rather unique situation, as I can't find it anywhere, my external hard drive that I want to watch TV shows from, is not recognised by the Xbox One Media Player, although the hard drive can be seen in the "Manage Storage" area of the system settings, this is a major annoyance that I wish to end ASAP, if ANYONE could give me ANY advice on how to fix this problem I would be extremely grateful to you, I have tried using every usb port on the console and cold booted the console multiple times, again thanks in advance!!!


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If your external HDD is partitioned for use as X1 storage, I'm fairly certain Media Player won't recognise it as a media storage device, and so won't be checking it for audio/video/image files. It'll basically be an extension of X1 storage.

The Media Player isn't all that great. I don't think it's even complete software. It does have 'preview' in the title still. lol I can only get the X1/Media Player to detect my tablet, phone, and laptop by using Universal Media Server, a free piece of software that let's you organise what files can and can't be shared/streamed across devices.

If you Google you should find a free download. But that would mean you'd have to plug your external HDD into something other than your One, and have UMS set up to find it and make streaming content to the X1's Media Player a thing. =|

It's not formatted for Xbox One, in the settings app it even says the line "music, video..." Whatever it says, I might just plug in my old Xbox 360 to do it, it's not that much a problem, just a little bit of an annoyance

I use a mini 32Gb flash for my music and the 1Tb for games. I do not believe you can partition a single drive to work with both at this time, though I've been wrong before.