Medal of Honor (The Belly of the Beast)

Hi Guys,


Can anyone give me some tips of how I defeat the Dushka machine gun at the end of the valley in Belly of the Beast. I`ve used the entire ammo supply for the 101 Airborne and still can`t knock it out. The three guys that are with you, keep saying "fire on the dushka Adams", I do and nothing happens. I also note that if you knock it out in under two minutes you get some `g`................

Please help, as I love this game and am going mad because I can`t play it any more.




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Cheers matey, But something has clearly gone wrong on my xbox then, as the guys with me make no effort to move forward like the guys in the link do. There also isn`t any Taliban running round in front of the Dushka either?

Guys thanks for all your help on this. I think it must have been a glitch, because I started the mission again from the beginning, and it worked fine, got the 20g for taking out the dushka and 15 g for completing the mission. RESULT!!!