Me and my team-mates all just got booted offline

Hi, someone DDoSed (or DoSed)me and all my team-mates when they were 4-0 down on S&D in Black ops 2. he stopped moving and shortly after, we were all booted offline. I have all the proof in my recent games...

His gamertag is [GT Removed by Moderator]

He was also with one of his friends, they joined my party together, hurling abuse at me before booting me offline again. His friends gamertag was [GT Removed by Moderator]

Thanks, I hope something is done about this, it is ruining mine and many others' Xbox Live experience! Thanks


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Please file a report through the console-- Avoid mute and Block communications too.  GOOD LUCK!!!

I already did that, this has happened to me before and nothing has happened though... Is there anything else I can do? I spoke to a Microsoft agent on the live chat and they recommended me to post here

Well, support was wrong, as it is against the forum rules to "name and shame", as an ambassador, you should know that already.


And are you sure it was a Ddos? Just sounds like a lag booting to me. But report through the dashboard is all you need to do. If you know it was a Ddos, then contact your ISP a well, but i doubt it was a Ddos atack.

Oh, really? The agent actually told me to put his gamertag and what I want to happen to him?...

It was either of the three, Bluntman - either lag booting, DoS or DDoS; either way, we were kicked offline, which shouldn't be happening

[quote user="rX Brad"]Oh, really?[/quote]Yes, really.

The forum doesn't allow you to name and shame, doing so is more likely to get you suspended from the forum than the person from LIVE.

Unfortunately support tend to send people here when they've run out of answers.

You can find the no name and shame rule in this thread

OP-all you really can do is put them on the avoid list and forget about it.I run into lag switchers all the time.You can file a complaint but you really need to be sure they were cheating first.Ive had games where entire teams simply lagged out because one player  had a really bad connection.Often that player tends to be me.Give them the benefit of the doubt.That same thing could happen while youre losing.