My name is (MOD REMOVED) aka XGN NekoMaaka. I don't know if I'm posting this in the right place but you all are my last hope. A guy named (MOD REMOVED) has been hacking me, kicking me off line, stalking, harrasing, and making me very unsafe for the past month on Xbox Live and Facebook. He has told me if I didn't start taking him he would kill himself and blame it on me and send me to jail. I am 4 weeks pregnant and he knows this and has told me he hope my baby dies and I die because of this. My boyfriend and I have told him kindly to leave me alone but no is not in his vocabulary. He has hacked my facebook and xbox account and I really need some help because I feel unsafe. If there is any way you could watch my IP address to where no one can bother me like this again and help me feel safe again it would not only keep me relaxed but also my boyfriend. Thank you so much for taking your time and reading this.


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No one here can help you the way you need.

All we can advise is to change all your privacy settings to stop him contacting you.

call the local police seems like he knows you or he wouldn't know your pregnant.

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something isn't right here


The "offending gamertag" doesn`t exist,from what i can tell.

Sorry to hear about the problems your getting but no matter what this person has done posting a gamertag on the forums is not allowed and a mod will remove it when they see it. You need to contact your Internet provider and get your ip changed and add extra security to it so he can't hack it again, and contact facebook admin if he is threatening you through there aswell, microsoft cant help you with this, if he is threatening you and you baby's life then that's something for the police to sort out, all you can do through Microsoft is to report and block this person or make a new account, sorry and hope you get things sorted

If you think he "hacked' your accounts then you should change your passwords immediately. The chances that he actually hacked you are next to nothing, so if he's accessed your accounts then he probably has your passwords. Besides that, just block communications with the guy and change your privacy settings so that only friends are allowed to message you and shouldn't hear from the guy again afterward.

something isn't right here