May, games with gold.


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It seems those who are happy should be the only ones who post. Thats going to make for an interesting forum

^ People have differing opinions on something, which means only one thing... won't be long till we get page after page of arguing again... ;)

The games are free..whats the problem

Wasn't talking to u OWEN(Borg)... lol. But Boah...goth, ur garbage is another's rewards.. Why whine about it?...Go kill ur X1 counterparts...

"Hey Goth take a look at your "XBox LIVE Arcade" games. You used to pay money for this drivel! As a gainfully employed person I'm personally not terribly fussed about GWG since there are much better games on the system to play in the shops rather than queuing for free handouts." - Azzrael008uk

Lol... I don't have to go to my Xbox 360 to find garbage I've payed for. I can stay on my Xbox One. Destiny anyone? Now that I've got that out of the way, should I tell you all the games on your list that YOU'VE wasted your money on? As others have said in these threads... "How do you know it's garbage unless you try it?". You're welcome. :P

Its not bad to me at all, i buy gold just for the games each month.

My years subscription fee paid for itself in the first month in free games, after that everything is free to me.

Unfortunately others don`t see it that way and would rather complain that the free games are not good enough, or tell us they are not technically free because we had to pay for gold.

I honestly never knew xbox live had so many whiners until they started being given things for free.

Um well. 59.00$ a year and getting 3 free games a month seems kinda cool. And free, tho they might be old. Sorta works out to 5$ a month. Why is that bad to you?...

No i am no Borg, i presume that`s a star trek thing.

It makes a change to help people that actually appreciate it.

All we seem to get here lately are people that complain, or try and justify their complaints with technicalities.

cant be much worse than child of light (to me that game was absolutely shocking) so ill download.

Guacamelee and Rayman have been the best games with gold by an absolute country mile so far, and i would now buy any sequels for them i enjoyed them that much.

Yeh its called games with gold.

Not free games with gold.

You have to pay to get the games hence it not being free.

Buy one get one free again isnt free as you have to spend originally.

Free to me means getting something for absolutely nothing.

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