Max Payne 3 @ Blockbusters for £30

I was in my local Blockbusters today and my mate who works there said if you pay up front from now the sum of £30 ( This offer will end May 14th ) you don't have to pay no-more on release, so basically you get the game for £30.


He said he's pretty sure all stores are doing this deal.


You can also trade in games to use against this offer.


Thought this might be of interest to some.


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Bought mine from my local indi store today although it cost me £41

Seems an interesting concept but could cause loads of people disputing their judgement and i'm sure their forums will have some cracking threads for people to read!

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whilst I like the idea of Gang Wars for me it's just too confusing and a bit hectic for my liking.

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What's so confusing about reading the objectives at the start of each round? Oh dear.....

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I get paid this Friday and feel I need a new game to play around with and just wondering if Max Payne 3 is the one to go for? At £30 you can't go wrong really...


It's made by Rockstar... what else do you need to know? Insta-buy for me lol.


True, very good point. I'm just hoping I don't need knowledge of the previous two to get me through this one.


Well I have never touched a Max Payne game before but I'll be buying MP3 day one. I'm confident that Rockstar will bring players up to speed, and by the looks of it, it's a completely stand alone story anyway.

@ Jay Evo ...


Hope you get some good news mate!

Strangle Hold had bullet time mapped to a button, over using it was subjective to how many times the player used it.

Going to see the Raid next weekend...hopefully

The Max Payne £30 offer is only in 50 blockbuster stores around the country. Stores were selected by head office & are either stores that have recently found the local competition gone, or are the larger game stores that still have competition, & this is to try & grab some of their customers.

The plan (if it gets the amount of business thats anticipated), is to hold simalar launch events in different stores on future releases.

The vip gamer scheme only launched this week, looks quite good from what I've seen of it so far.

There is a pre-order offer for lolipop chainsaw for £29.99 thats available in all blockbusters btw

I have to admit, in part 3 of the game it did start to drag out a bit and I too found myself wanting it to just end.

It felt like R* threw all the cool ideas into the first 2 parts...


I'm running through a few levels on easy baddies finishing off the collections and the earlier sections are definitely more fun.

New York Minute and Score Attack are fun, but c'mon R*, at least make the cutscenes skippable in these modes, even in story mode on subsequent playthroughs they should be.... By all means, make them unskippable the first time through.... ( "still loading"? yeah, right!)


Great game on the whole, but not really Max Payne in feel.... More of a linear GTA meets Kane & Lynch with a couple of Max Payne levels thrown in to keep the fans happy.

For alot of people its down to chasing achievements.  There is the achievements though where if you cheat they ain't getting unlocked.

Just a WARNING folks, the idiot who posted loads of spoilers to Max Payne 3 ( I believe Kross Kom/Com ) was the GT is now posting spoilers over on the MP3 forums on, so be carefull!


I've reported him/her but the posts are still there at the moment.

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