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What is with the new Xbox interface looking like it stepped out of The Matrix?? All the green is really annoying, and it also bleeds into games I am playing, making the characters a green hue color. I thought it was my TV at first, but I checked my settings and everything is working fine on the TV side. Does anyone know how to get rid of the green hue color? Is there a way to get rid of it?


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As of right now their is no way to change the color, I have also never had that issue with my TV so you may want to check your TV setting again and the TV settings on the Xbox.

Another thing, how is your Xbox connected to your TV? HDMI cable or the regular TV cables?

What kind of TV do you have?  Is it generally susceptible to 'ghosting' or burn-in?  The hue shouldn't be carrying over to your games - it's not like the dash is still displayed 'behind' the game when you launch.  


I guess you should've taken the blue pill.  ;)  

I just figured it out. I need to run an HDMI cord. Which sucks cuz now I have to go buy one. Borrowing my friends HDMI cord right now.

If I could I would send you a HDMI cable, I literally have like 20 of them from when my girlfriend worked at best buy.

Just don't buy a 'name brand' one.  They aren't worth the price markup.  ;)