Massively flawed reputation system

Ok so, i'm sure most of you have seen one or two stories about how players are having their rep desecrated due to other users blocking/reporting them.

I'm here to add mine and hopefully spread a little awareness on the subject.

I'll start with, I love halo, always have. I love them all. (yes reach & 4 included) now, I also love a little banter, and yes I have both sent people messages and received them myself. Some a little unprofessional but hey, when someone betrays you for a power weapon, or camps, glitches out the map get a little annoyed right? well, I just tell them.

So anyway, I got Gears of war a couple of days ago, began playing no problem, I did quite poorly if i'm honest (probably let my team mates down a little) hey! I was rusty! but yeah, no worries there. So my friend comes online a few hours later, all ready to hop online with me, and what happens? we're stuck in the matchmaking lobby. Why? we don't know, I was playing fine just now right? it must be something to do with him? we wait and wait. nothing.

Only when our next friend joins the party do we finally understand "hey ginge, why is your rep on avoid me?"...what? what do you mean? so I look and wow, so it is, what the hell? after a while I leave the group and allow my friend to search solo, Boom, he finds games no sweat. I then begin to search solo like I was before he came online, and! nothing. I cant find a single game. I load up halo (my life) and I could of cried. I couldn't find a single game in any playlist.

So, I log on to my profile on to find that I've had 3 bad communication feedbacks in the last 6 months. 3, in 6 months? and I can no longer find a matchmade game on any game that I own. I hop on to the chat with Microsoft, "yes nothing to do with me, you need to go to the enforcement forums on the website" right fine, let's take a look then.

I see a bunch of people all asking why their rep is low, and how they can fix it, asking, what Microsoft are doing to prevent the abuse of this system. every single one of them had the same scripted reply given to them. It went along the lines of;

"Your feedback has been lowered because of violations consisting of but not limited to (commence list of random things)" and at the bottom give them links to the code of conduct to refer to. The questions these people were asking simply went unanswered, some of them, were pretty *** important too. For example "how am I supposed to get my rep back up, when I need t play online games without being reported, if I can't actually find a game due to having low rep..." they didn't answer them.

Regardless, I do what i'm told and write my own post to see what can be done. It may take up to 24 hours for your post to be accepted to the forum or declined by a Moderator"

Right, best keep it as charming as I can so they don't just refuse me then. I wait a good 30 something hours...(sleep, work, so on) NOW! It gets worse here. I go on my smartglass (xbox companion app for those who don't now) and it tells me my rep is green again! so happy, like, really happy. I couldn't wait to hop back on Halo. I ask my friend to log on and check on his friends list and double check, yep it's all good. We arrange a night on games, I get home....Can't find a game. I check my profile just incase and there it is..still red.

I get back on to Microsoft support (sorry this is so long winded) I tell him my concerns for the rep system, and how my rep hit rock bottom instantly without warning, how the enforcement team haven't got back to me. He makes a note an says he'll push my concerns through to them. Now, about half an hour later I get an email saying they've contacted me HOORAH! time to see what they say! I forgot to mention that I wrote them quite a detailed few paragraphs on everything, the abuse of the feedback system etc. I

asked them for a decent reply and not a link to their conduct, or a link to how to improve my rep via matchmaking.

I was appalled. They gave me the exact same reply as they did to everyone else. My detailed question/query was given the same reply as someone who simple said "can you please tell me why my rep is so low" I was so annoyed. I still am, infact, that was just an hour ago, I got quite angry and sent a reply back with a copy and past of my original post asking them to actually read it this time. I told them I've seen many cases like mine and I will spread the word that they clearly don't give a ***. So, if you see me anywhere else, don't be surprised.

I really, really hope my reputation is sorted by October 27th, please, god. have a great night all (in the UK here) this may not be 100% halo and I apologise.

TL;DR - well, you kinda do need to read it. Skim, at least.


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Ginger rebel 47,
  The only way you can get into games when you are in an Avoid Me status is by searching for friends who are in this status OR playing online co-op with some of your friends. There is no definitive amount of games to play to improve your status but the main thing is not receiving any negative feedback. I completely understand you frustration with team killers and players betraying for power weapons, but your response was wrong none the less. Rather than verbally retaliating against those players, you just need to submit player reviews/feedback against those players and leave the abusive verbal comments out of the equation.
  Unfortunately though, there isn't anything that can be done from this support forum. You'll have to refer to your Enforcement page for any issues. If you have any questions regarding the Xbox One reputation system or how to improve your reputation, I recommend checking out the Xbox One Reputation System page. In order for you to check how many reports you have received in the last 6 months, go ahead and check out our Reputation History page while signed in. There is a Case Review process on the Enforcement page, but if you don't have a Case Review option then your only other choice is posting in the Xbox One Enforcement forum . This is the only other way to reach the enforcement team about your reputation. I know this isn't exactly the answer you were looking for. 

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