MAss Storage with Thumb Drive

I just bought the new Xbox arcade 4gig. and Obviously it wasn't enough storage as I was replacing my older 20gig model. I know you are able to use a USB thumb drive for storage so I bought a 64gig one. Little did i know is that xbox formats the thumb drive to a 16gig partition making only 25% of the drive useful to me.

Is it possible to(from my PC) create multiple 16gig partitions on this thumb drive that the xbox will be able to access? I've searched all over and can't find a straight answer for this.


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The 360 formats the entire storage device to FAT32, then places an up to 16GB Memory Unit on it. The rest of the space is usable for storage of other files from a PC, it just can't be used by the 360 as trusted writable storage.


No, you cannot create multiple FAT32 partitions, each with its own Memory Unit.

You can also use older 360 HDD with the transfer cable as extra storage space. And you don't have to format or do anything else. Just plug the transfer cable into a USB port on the 360 and you are ready.