Mass Effect trilogy on Xbox One?

Does anyone know if the Mass Effect Trilogy will be remastered for the xbox one?

Or should I just grab a 360 and get the Mass Effect Trilogy for the 360.

Assuming that my Xbox live gamertag won't be buggered up by having an xbox one as well, but any replies that clears that up would be great.


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As of now BioWare has stated that they have no intention of remastering any of their games.  I would just snatched up the Mass Effect trilogy on Xbox 360.

Personally, I would much rather see them remaster Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2.  Then bundle it with Inquisition on Xbox One.  (They DA:O and Dragon Age 2, need it more, and I like them better).  Just my opinion though

Well take this with a grain of salt.  But I went into Gamestop a few weeks ago to purchase Mass Effect on PS3; don't have my 360 anymore.  Anyway the salesman I know as I go in there waaay too much.  He frowned and said wait until after E3 you might see a remaster for the X1.  

Like I said grain of salt here but I'm waiting until after E3; just in case.

Heard rumours about the trilogy being redone form the XBO, but since there has been no leaks or recent news, I don't know anymore.

Hopefully not...

Generally when all you here is that they won't do it, what they actually mean is it's under development and too early to give details, haha.

Well that's what this current generation has felt like anyway, no no no we're not doing that, oh by the way guys did I tell you we're remastering those games now.

I have heard murmurs recently that there will be a remastered Mass Effect collection coming to next gen. Nothing confirmed though.

They said GTA V would never see next gen either at one point but we all know what happened there.  Mass Effect is one of my favorite game series of all time so if it got re released for Xbox One/PS4 I would definitely pick it up and be out of commission on anything else for the next 3 months.

Yeah, there's no doubt it would sell pretty well. I'd definitely grab it if it came out.

Please for the love of god don't remaster them! Just give me a new one please!

Hello everyone  :)

I want Mass Effect 4 and as much as I love them (the Mass Effect Trilogy), I sincerely doubt that I will have enough time to start from ME1 all to way to the grand finale of ME3.

Have a nice day or afternoon or night everyone  :)

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