Mass Effect achievement glitch

Hey Guys

So I have been playing Mass Effect 1 today and have come across a glitch. The achievement that has glitched is:


Accumulate 75% of total Paragon points

My paragon bar on the last stretch to full paragon and this achievement has not registered. I am missing something to this achievement? If not how can obtain the achievement? This is my second playthrough.




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Dont know about that one but the acheavements for killing X amount of people with Pistol's, sniper, etc has never unlocked for me :0(

I didnt have a problem with any of those achievements. Op, are you playing the game from H/D? If so, id be tempted to delete the game and any dlc you have installed, and re-install. (this wont affect your save games). That may work, but I am unsure whether or not you would have to start a new playthru.

Reset the cache on your Xbox and load the game again. That usually helps.