Mass Effect 3 Pre-order bonus

Is there anywhere online that has a pre-order bonus for mass effect 3?

I've googled it, but can only find info that says it is a pre-order in store of GAME. 

If there is no online pre-order bonus can anyone confirm if the in store GAME bonus is true?



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EA has announced the UK pre-order bonuses available for Mass Effect 3. They're the same as the US ones, except you get them from different shops, innit.

Starting today, each pre-order purchase of the game at participating UK retailers will nab you the M55 Argus Assault Rifle. Apparently, the Argus is deadly at any range, boasting a "quick burst-fire to ensure ammo conservation and maximum accuracy on the battlefield."

In addition to this, GAME has snapped up some retailer specific pre-order bonuses in the form of an other extra weapon and some snazzy armour. I've popped the full list, with descriptions, below.

N7 Valkyrie Assault Rifle

  • Deliver two rounds per shot with deadly accuracy and stop the opposition dead in their tracks with superior high caliber rounds.

N7 Defender Armor

  • Improved shields and health - Players can survive even the most punishing of battles and withstand sustained enemy fire.
  • Increased ammo capacity - Additional ammunition compartments to ensure players are always battle-ready.
  • Amplified weapon damage - Built-in power cells provide an additional punch to weapon fire




cheers, looks like it is just in GAME. bah!

I guess I won't bother, I'd rather pay less thanks.