Mass Effect 3 Collectors Edition Preorder

Hi all

I'm really wanting the Collectors Edition of ME3 but can't find it for preorder anywhere online in the UK (only for PS3 - sorry for swearing Lol)

Does anyone know of anywhere I can get ME3:CE? Maybe I have to go into a store to preorder?

Thanks guys and gals


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The only place you can order the Collectors Edition of Mass Effect 3 in the UK is through the GAME group of stores.


GAME have an exclusive on the Collectors Edition from EA and from all accounts have been sold out for a while now.

Balls! Thanks for the reply.

Looks like I'm just going to have get the regular edition. I kept meaning to preorder for ages but I think I left it a bit too late. Thanks again

You're very unlikely to get one.

i hear people are going to be popping them up on ebay but expect them to be costly.

Game did a massive mess up and over did the pre orders and then cancelled loads of people without telling them and then went whoopsy when they were found out.

those people have lost out, they will not be getting the LE and probably will never order from game again.

sparkle, you had me worried then.. had to check my Gamestation pre-order... it's still there! phew.

You may be able to get one after the game has been released (prob not until 6 months after) if you realllllllllly want one.

I was told by game that i could put my name down but there would be no more stock for the release of the game as there wasnt enough time to make additional artbooks etc. He could have been telling me a load of twaddle though.

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sparkle, you had me worried then.. had to check my Gamestation pre-order... it's still there! phew.


sorry, there is a thread somewhere with loads of people upset by this though. it's mostly games stock though some have said there are some problems at gamestation. i am glad you still have your order as lots of people don't... worst was it wasn't fist come first serve it was a case of randomly choosing people that did not get it. which i think is terrible and out of order. the also didn't own up to it. which is even worse imo

Go to I just preordered one from there, and look how late I've left it! Had to pay £8.50 for express delivery to the UK though, which is listed as the normal, 1 - 2 days. Hope that helps.

I have mine preordered from Game for 4 months but I'm still checking my account every week just in case , considering I have spent over a grand with Game over the last 3 yrs I hope it counts for something.

Partyliaison, you sir, are a genius! Can't even express my love for you right now xD Thanks alot

Is it still the same region and everything... i know it's only Ireland but it's better safe than sorry, if so i might order one myself