Mass Effect 3: Character import issue

For some reason when i go to import my character from Mass effect 2 the list comes up blank. I finished both 1 & 2 with the same character, any ideas why this might be happening?

I did however manage to import my character to play the Mass effect 3 demo, its seems very strange to me.


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Did you by any chance move your save game from the original console the previous games were made on to the console you are using now or have the save game on Cloud Storage and not console?

Yeah have since changed consoles, if thats the issue here they really missed the ball on this one. Thanks for the reply though

I do remember on release that some had issues with this, might be worth checking the official bioware site for the game to see if there is anything that can be done

How did you import your character into the demo as that wasn't an option?

What would happen, if you were to fire up Mass Effect 2 if you still have it, load up your save game, save it again..and try and import that file into Mass Effect 3?