Marvel's Avengers: Battle For Earth

Looking on Amazon and came across this............I am very suprised to see it going for £24.99 considering its a new release.  I have no idea how its going to play though.

The video looks intresting -

Just noticed its Kinect involvment so may be the reason for the £24.99 price......................




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looks good! whens it out?

Its released November 2nd.

I usually like the "Marvel" games, pity it requires Kinect though.

They lure me with well rendered images of my favourite superheroes in their proper costumes and then do that.


I have never had any reason to think badly of Kinect....


Until now.




Yeah, saw the awesome trailer for it a while back, thought "that's gonna be cool", then saw it was a Kinect game.... boooooo!!!!!!


I do still actually have my Kinect, but I'll need to try a demo before I shell out any cash....

Not seen any title that has made me want to spend cash on Kinect...despite now having one (free one)....appealing to my Comic Book Nerdage will fail as it did trying to reach out to my Star Wars nerdage


The fact there has been no official marketing push for this game and its silently appeared on retailers catalogues speaks volumes

My daughter still has Kinect which I could use if needed but I'm personally always put off of games when it says "Requires Kinect" ... rather than ... "Better with Kinect" ...

muito engraçado vc baixa o demo o jogo não existe na live pra que você compre mais tem os pack que o faz acreditar que comprando os packs o jogo vai roda !!!me decpicionei nao encontro o jogo em lojas

if anyone has played power up heroes it seems to be like that. theres a two point action for each of the moves.i liked power up heroes and if this game becomes cheaper i'll be getting it.