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ive played the whole marvel vs capcom franchise... enjoy all of them...but as soon as i heard that  Ultimate MVC3 was going to be released I sold my copy of MVC3. I see that xbox live has made  mortal kombat 1-3 available on xbox live along with multiple street fighter throwbacks... Ive already purchased MVC2 from xbox live (really I enjoyed this game a lil more than 3 because of amount of characters), Im crossing my fingers that the original Marvel vs Capcom will be made available to buy on live. What do you guys think?


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I do too man, that would be sweet, I mean ps3 has alpha, so why not give XBLA the first marvel

Jub312008 Your wish is coming true, mvc origins its coming soon yay :)

I would love to see the Alpha series or even Alpha Gold would be nice.

Rise from your grave.




mvc2 is no longer on xbox live or on my xbox for that matter wtf? smh im buying a playstation.

Go check your purchase history, download history on the console. Games you've purchased will be listed on there even if they have been delisted from the store.

You'll be able to download them again that way.

Pretty sure MVC2 would have been delisted on PSN too. Licensing from Marvel...