March Update Preview - Trouble with "Private Forum" - PLEASE HELP

I was invited on day one, then I registered, and now I have the update... but I'm having trouble accessing the private forum for testers. What may be the correct link on here, is only giving me a "Group Not Found" message when I go to it. Why???


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I want to know how i delete it,  we can not even use party chat im *** off!!

Here you go mate this is the update preview forums Link.

When you signed up for it you were told you wouldn't be able to use party chat with people not in the beta.

My friends are in the beta but we still can not join party chat!

^ Yep, my wife read that if she accepted it she wouldn't be able to party chat with people not in the beta, I think she even had option to decline and not go into it.

Used that link, and it still says, "Group Not Found". It's been 24 hours since I've been on the new update, but yet still unable to access the private forums.

A guy in  similar thread said it didn't work for him either but I can access it and post in the forums.