March | April (A quick word!)

Just a quick word!

I think Microsoft did an incredible job with the March Update. They listened and updated a lot of our concerns and some of those that were missed are being addressed in the April Update. Of course there's hundreds of Updates the community is begging for that hasn't seen the light of day but most of our dreams will come true throughout our Xbox One years!

I recently received a message from Microsoft stating that the April Update will roll out to the Beta Gang in a few days. Let's get ready to review, explore, test and discuss!

Thanks for the opportunity to let us preview updates, speak our peace and most importantly actually listening to us!

-Agent Rated


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They are doing a great Job!

I got t the april update and friends notifications When they sign on doesn't work! !

I have to say the last update was pretty awesome. I wont guard the X1 against negativity, there are some things I would like to see addressed but I hope these get sorted as time goes by. Over all (and given the age of the console) I am very happy with what we have so far :)

Are we getting updates every month then

It certainly would be nice if that's going to be the case, but I'm fairly certain that if that was the case, they'd run out of things to update. ;)

With the amount of complainers on this system i doubt it. Nothing will ever be right for them