Man I wish i was a creative director for xbox one!

I have some cool ideas for party chat and twitch that would help with current users and pull people from PlayStation,.

1. Instead of multiple emulators for the 360 backwards compatibility how bout make just a 360 emulator that emulates all of the original 360 and it can be done i have one that emulates game boy games on my phone.

2. Backwards compatibility for parties alone. i have had friends delete me because i cant talk to them and all my friends want that. everyone on Xbox will also agree if it can be done it will help pull people to Xbox one.

3. And twitch streams fell like we are just keep advertisement for the game. if i had an elgato i could make my stream look more professional. This is because i can add a banner to my stream. If you can do that  It would not only have people on Xbox feel less than cheap advertisement and more professional. It would also pull from PlayStation as well.

All my friends agree that they want these changes less on the twitch but everyone wants that for twitch because alot of people try to use twitch as a business. there are more please email me at [Mod Removed]


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Since nobody took the time to give you the link to where you can share your ideas I shall do so.

Good luck to you and maybe if you pitch it right and the users like the idea it might go somewhere.

Emulators aren't perfect. Even ones for old systems like the Sega Genesis aren't perfect. By not having a 'one size fits all' emulator and instead tailoring it per game, Microsoft are ensuring that the system is going to be far more accurate and have less problems.