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A couple weeks back my xbox would not turn on. I started a chat with an ambassador who told me to take my xbox cover off to fix it. He walked me through it and when I finally got it apart he abruptly ended the chat. I called microsoft support who told me that I should never have done that (take the cover off), but send it in with $80 and they would fix it. Well I got my xbox back today, unfixed. Claiming that I had tampered with it, they now refuse to fix it. I spoke with a support manager who told me if I could produce the chat I had with the ambassador then maybe he could help me. Thing is, you can't save or print a chat window and there is no identifying the ambassador you are chatting with. I feel like I am the victim of a well planned scam. Convenient that Microsoft has these ambassadors doing unpaid work for them without microsoft having to train, pay, vet or even take responsibility for their actions.


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I would have believed your story far more if you hadn't added several tags that have absolutely nothing to do with your post.


Sadly you have no recourse if your story is true. Ambassadors are volunteers who don't work for Microsoft, so anything they say should be taken with a HUGE pinch of salt.

Always goto the Inernet or Youtube before doing things like this if you have a problem. that way u would of seen its not a good idea to pull apart your 360......

And if your xbox 360 wouldn't turn on how did you have a chat with them?

[quote user="jaspertodd"]And if your xbox 360 wouldn't turn on how did you have a chat with them?[/quote] Ambassabank?

You are aware that exists I take it? 

Hugh, if you remember the date, and the approximate time of the conversation you can PM Miss Ermine and she can look into the matter for you and try and not only provide you with the transcript, but even take action against the ambassador that misinformed you. Here is a link to one of her posts. Select the mail icon under her post to PM her.

I'm pretty sure that's against Ambassador Code of Conduct to tell someone to do that, and shouldn't you have known that opening your console voids warranty, therefore never do it

For things like hardware support, don't talk to an Ambassador. You need to speak to a Microsoft/Xbox rep. An Ambassador *should* tell you that in the first place. Follow Judge Bergan's advice anyway.

Ambassadors are just like you and me...just people that wanna help and they get a title for it, nothing more - no special training.