Magic The Gathering: Duels Of The Planeswalkers 2012

Magic The Gathering is a card game that geeks used to play at my University.


As I was forking my spare money out for a Comic Collection I really coudn't afford the added expense of buying Magic Cards.


That didn't stop it from being a really popular phenomenon that's still alive and well today.


Now you can play Magic without having to spend, spend and spend some more building your deck of cards thanks to this XBox LIVE Arcade title.


You're a Planeswalker... a wizard who walks the land looking for other wizards to duel.


You start with 7 random cards from your deck and battle it out.  You need land to fuel your creatures and spells as you attempt to whittle away, or pound your opponent until they are at 0 health.


Some people might swear "Pokemon"' is just for kids but there's a reason why the franchise is so huge.


There's a reason the "Magic" franchise has been so popular, even as a trading card game.  There's fun to be had here and at 800 MS points you'll struggle to find better value for your MS points on XBox LIVE Arcade.


Make sure you grab the 2012 version (as there is an older one which was great fun also) on the marketplace.


This version gives you multiplayer, coop and some Deck Management ability.


Well worth checking out.




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Yu-Gi-Oh's a great game, but like all other computerised versions of Trading card games it's very restrictng compared to the actual card game. Still worth a bash though, they're all great games.

MtG is my fave game on XBLA. It just needs custom deck building.

Ive still got the Yugi O card game on XBLA, just never started it yet.

The previous incarnation was very well supported with DLC.


This is certainly not a 'fire and forget" title from Wizards of the Coast and there will be plenty of support and a DLC.


As long as the prices stay reasonable then I'll probably pick up every one.



I only really liked battlegrounds that would make a good arcade title.

The game is not very difficult after a couple of games. I loved the first, one of the best arcade games i own and this will tempt me back to the series, will get it once i have paid off my Reading fest ticket.

Whagi its incredibly easy mate. If you get the original I'll play you in practice games and talk you through it in party. Not got this new one yet.

Sad to say I can't play it to save my life, i just don't understand what the is going on. I'm sure its great once you get your head around the rules etc. LOL

I did think that it could be greatly improved by being able to buy your own decks etc......(cue money spinning idea for wizards of the fact maybe that is their plan!!)

But you can swap the different decks around to make yours personalised cant you? didnt play much of online tbf

its crap. everyone has the same cards online. play it irl and its loads better.

Yeah its really easy to pick up. I bought the old one and gotta be honest found it really really good. Gets quite challanging later on too. Downlaoded the new one yesterday, only got to play it for 5 mins though

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