Madden NFL 16

I watched the brief "new" Madden trailer.  And my take away is... I literally thought I was looking at Madden 15.  Madden needs some serious changes.  A much needed graphical overhaul (every single sports game looks better).  And most animations still look awkward.  When there is no competition, this is what happens.  You have no one to push you to the next level.

This isn't just a gripe thread.  By all means let's also discuss what we are excited about.  

Personally I love Connected Careers  (Franchise Mode)

What are your take aways?


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Loved Football[Basketball/Baseball games back during the early days of 2K Sports. Still have a few in fact.

EA sports titles I never liked much at all for a year after you buy them they usually get tossed into the bargen bins. So 49 bucks down to 2 in only a year seemed like a bad investment to me.

I eat, breath and sleep football but I have no interest in Madden games.


Every year I tell myself, "This is the year that I won't buy FIFA", and every year I still buy it.  lol.  They'll throw in some new tweak, updated rosters and if we're lucky, a new league in the world, but it's hardly worth another $60.

I have no clue Bucmaster.  It truly is disappointing.  And the thing that bothers me the most is we see what EA is capable of doing with legitimate competition.  NHL was a good example.  EA Sports NHL game was awesome and their best work was when NHL 2K was competing head to head with NHL (insert year).  2K conceded and EA Sports NHL game ultimately won out.  

Madden NFL has not been good in a looong time.  I personally feel that Madden 05 was its best game.  I hope that trailer really was Madden 15 and not Madden 16.  Because graphically, it looked identical.  As did the animations.  Just because you add Odell Beckham Jr's catch amd tweak the controls does not make your game better.  I want to see Madden look just as good as NHL.  And have a better franchise mode.  

I agree, it looks like the same thing again. I'm really hoping all the rumors are true about Microsoft releasing a first party football game. E3 is just around the corner

I love Madden NFL 16 I am a big madden NFL fan for Xbox One some people are not madden NFL fan but I am a madden NFL fan some people that are not Madden NFL fan dont know what they are talking about Go Madden NFL 16! for Xbox One I love all 32 NFL teams in Madden NFL 16 and I am a EAGLES fan Go EAGLES!

Madden 16's new catching system as taken my interest into another level.  Only 4 days away

All I keep hearing about is the pass commit catch button and the YAC button or the play the ball on D button. This ++++ is really ridiculous. It takes away from true skill on the sticks and just allows the truly talented CHEESY, game mechanics, glitch play, and ahole players to just be more cheesier.

It's enough that many of us have to contend with all these online players who just use the top 5 teams all day online, but now they get the attributes associated with good players combined with this new button mashing mechanic after the ball has been released. Basically the game continues to be scaled down to the casual gamers who need gimmicks over true skill game play.

I'm glad EA access exists so I can't wait for it when it goes there. The only sports game I buy annually is NHL and even that could change.

I want NFL blitz for X1.

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